A helping hand when it was most needed

While it seems as though the horrific Australian bushfires during the summer of 2019/20 is a distant memory following how the year has since unfolded, it will remain in the hearts and minds of many affected.

The project

For one of the Barenbrug staff-family members living on a property in the Adelaide Hills, situated towards the southern tip of Australia, this was exactly his and his family’s experience as they found their beautiful property ravaged by the fierce and powerful flames of the unrelenting bushfires.


The family, who are quite private people, were taken aback when members of the Barenbrug staff at the Adelaide office chose to offer a helping hand. The team of 8 helped prepare paddocks for re-sowing of Barenbrug perennial pastures and assisted during the sowing process. Prior to the fire the property had an excellent population of Barenbrug varieties such as Kidman, Shogun, Bealey, Antas and Mintaro, the ferocity of the fire destroyed nearly all of these. After much effort, time for healing and restoration the pastures have regenerated and are on their way to resembling a semblance of their former beauty.  

'Thank you'

A beautiful handwritten card with the following message along with photos made its way to the Helping with Hands Foundation. The heartfelt message reads as follows:


“My wife and I were humbled by your generosity in helping us recover from the recent bushfires in the Adelaide Hills in December 2019 which went through our beautiful property. Your generosity to supply us with seed in the yellow bags and labour was highly appreciated to help us get our pastures restored. We will send you more photo’s once the pastures are up and we get some more rain to boost them on. To see the paddocks looking green again is just wonderful! Thank you once again to the Helping with Hands Foundation for your kindness and to the Barenbrug staff for their time and assistance. Your kindness and thoughtfulness that you have shown will always be remembered.”


On behalf of the Helping with Hands Foundation, it is especially endearing to receive such a heartwarming handwritten card along with the photos – the pure simplicity and authenticity of the gesture indeed shares the genuine gratitude that often goes amiss in the fast-paced world we live in.