A new green playground for children at the Bukownica primary school

The team of Barenbrug Poland helped the association “Bukowianki” to create green space for children at the primary school in Bukownica.

About Bukowianki

“Bukowianki” is an association of Rural Housewives and is involved in many projects, supporting local social and cultural initiatives. They took the initiative for the renewal of green areas around the primary school in Bukownica and invited Barenbrug to cooperate, so that we could jointly take care of the green area for children.


The project

When the lockdown was over the team of Barenbrug Poland started with this Helping with Hands project enthusiastically. Our goal was to make the return to school in September extra pleasant for kids by giving them some green space to play and have fun. Especially nowadays, when green areas are the best solution for all of us, we decided to help renovate the lawn and the area around the school.