The Avalon Centre

The Avalon Centre is a support charity to assist with the homeless, people with mental health and physical problems, the elderly, refugees and anyone else who may need support.

Dandenong Office

Based in Malvern, the centre has been operating for over 30 years and it is run entirely by volunteers and services solely on donations and grants.
The services include:

  • Clothes distribution for the homeless.

  • Drop in centre for people to have a coffee and a chat.

  • Week-end day trips and excursions for the underprivileged and disabled.


Dandenong staff volunteered their time at the centre to participate in a range of activities including: clothes, shoes and toiletries sorting, preparation of the distribution van for the next clothes distribution day and site tidy up.


The day provided a great insight to the work that this charity group does to support the needy in our society.














The HwH crew from Dandenong

Avalon Centre

  • Mayuran and Danny sorting out clothes (or possibly adding to their own wardrobe collection!)
  • Inventory checks on toiletries