Carving and sculpting the tricky terrain of Malcolm Wicks reserve

On December 16th the Adelaide office held their “Helping With Hands” event in the picturesque Adelaide Hills.

The project

The objective of this project was to carve and sculpture a 750m flat walking trail through the tricky terrain of Malcolm Wicks reserve, which is owned and managed by the South Australian National Trust. The reserve will be opening to the local community for bush walking, family picnics and school excursions next year.


The team assembled at 8:00 AM armed with mattocks, rakes and shovels. Everyone was bursting with energy and keen to get started before the day got too hot. The team worked tirelessly chipping away at the soil, rotating through jobs to ensure the workload was shared, the water bottles got a really big workout too!


The day wrapped up at 1:00 PM due to the hot weather (35oC) with one third of the total track completed. We will re-schedule a day in 2020 to complete the walking trail, when the weather is a lot cooler.