Australia: Inspiring day for deaf and hard hearing children

In July 2017, all employees of Herritage Seeds attending the Company Conference participated in a Helping with Hands project for Deaf Children Australia. Most families with a child with hearing loss spend a lot of their money on making frequent visits to hospitals and clinical appointments. To help alleviate some of the monetary stress, they were given a great day.

A great day to build bikes

During the Company conference the employees were split into teams to build bikes that would be donated to those kids in need. Many children face balance issues along with their deafness. Bike riding presents a healthy challenge for them. These children will have a great sense of achievement and pride and will be more able to participate on an equal playing field with their peers.


Ready, Set, Go!

After having the qualified mechanics check over to ensure the bikes met safety standards, the bikes were presented to the new owners.

It was extremely special seeing the little kids faces light up, and hearing from the families in person on how much they appreciated this.

Overall a great day for both the employees and the children with their families.



About Deaf Children Australia

This incredible organisation helps to inspire and empower children and young people who are deaf or hard of hearing to face life’s challenges and reach their potential.


The organisation employs over 60 staff and volunteers who work hard every day to give these children every opportunity to achieve positive life outcomes. They are located in Melbourne and their building has been the home of Deaf Education and support for deaf children and youth since 1866.


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