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Australia: Additional manpower for the 'Riding for the Disabled Association'

On 20 February 2017, the Australian Howlong Research Team from Heritageseeds undertook the ‘Helping with Hands’ project at the Albury branch of Riding for the Disabled.


The RDA (‘Riding for the Disabled Association’) is entirely volunteer based and provides the opportunity for people with a wide range of disabilities to experience horse riding. For many of these people the experience can contribute positively to their condition as well as being highly enjoyable. 

The organization has over 30 clients who regularly ride each week. They have up to 10 horses at any one time in work.


The facilities in Albury are aging but remain well maintained due to the efforts of a part-time volunteer (Carl Iveson), who has been working at the site for the last 14 years. Carl is getting-on in age and whilst he remains active his health is not what it used to be. The activities that the Howlong Research Team undertook, will greatly reduce the workload and pressure on Carl while improving the looks and longevity of the facilities. The lady who oversees the horses is 85 years old. They do get support from council and some donations, but they definitely require help and the efforts of the Howlong Research Team for the day were hugely appreciated.


We can conclude that this ‘Helping with Hands’ project was a great success.

Helping with hands

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