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A­ust­ral­ia:­ Le­ndi­ng ­ass­ist­anc­e b­y g­ivi­ng ­som­eth­ing­ ba­ck ­to ­the­ en­vir­onm­ent

In 2016, all Heritage Seeds staff members from the Brisbane office travelled to the Sherwood Arboretum Association in August and September to take part in a group activity.

A worthy cause

This group activity was focused on the removal of excessive weed growth along the riverbank, while maintaining the habitat value of this important wildlife corridor. They helped to restore a section of the Arboretum’s riverbank with new tree plantings such as the Forest Red Gum. Given the necessity to keep the Brisbane Office functioning, two groups attended over two different days.

The Arboretum project builds on the efforts of Brisbane City Council and the Friends of Sherwood Arboretum Association (FOSA). For bird watchers, the river edge is a favourite location to spot Sacred Kingfishers and such striking ‘song birds’ as the Red-backed Fairy-wren. With a backdrop of several lofty eucalypt trees, the inviting riverbank, with its timber boardwalk, is one of the Arboretum’s must-see locations for visitors.


Overall the team found the day to be very rewarding and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to give something back to the environment as part of such a worthy cause.


Helping with hands

The aim of this initiative is to promote social, cultural and educational activities, in accordance with Barenbrug’s views on sustainable business and corporate social responsibility.