Bags of School Supplies for Bar USA Team & other Schools

Barenbrug USA was able to contribute the essential school supplies that will help with a child’s future so that they are successful with their academic growth.

The project

The Helping with Hands Project in September 2019 involved a purchase of $1300 worth of school supplies. The supplies were given to the families of Barenbrug USA that had a child enrolled in school (Grades Pre-K through High School).


In addition, our team made up extra bags of school supplies that included the essentials: paper, pens, crayons, scissors, paints, ruler, etc.

These extra bags held enough supplies for approximately a class of 20 students. A bag of supplies was donated to a special educational room in the Lebanon School District that focuses on highly functional children with a learning disability, such as autism. 

In addition, we donated a bag of supplies to two classrooms within the Lebanon & Albany School District.