Barenbrug Brazil helps local hospital with oxygen supply to fight COVID-19

With the worsening of the pandemic, at a time when Brazil is suffering from the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths, we live difficult days also in Guaíra, SP, the city where we have our seed plant. ICUs are crowded and hospitals suffer from a lack of oxygen.

About Santa Casa de Guaíra hospital

We decided to help our local hospital, Santa Casa de Guaíra, by offering 103 cylinders refilled with oxygen. We helped with the logistics of fetching empty cylinders from the hospital, transporting them to the oxygen factory in the city of Barretos and taking them back, refilled, to the hospital. We used our truck in this transport, trying to speed up the availability of oxygen in the hospital. With that, we helped maintain some lives.


The project

In this action, we had the participation of 9 volunteers, who took turns in four days of operation, using PPE and adopting a special safety protocol. The actions were approved by the Ethics and Conduct Committee of Barenbrug do Brasil and the Board of the Helping with Hands Foundation.


We hope that other companies in the Guaíra region can follow the example that Barenbrug do Brasil gave by this act of corporate citizenship and volunteering.