Barenbrug Brazil renovates SOGUBE

This year Barenbrug Brazil finally could come back with Helping With Hands to help our long-term partner SOGUBE. This year we decided to renovate various areas of SOGUBE.


SOGUBE - Sociedade Guairense de Beneficiência, is an institution that serves more than 600 children and adolescents in the city of Guaíra, in São Paulo State. The activities that SOGUBE offer contribute to transforming people‚Äôs lives, with the purpose of socialization and coexistence.


The project

On the 9th and 10th of May 2022, after though pandemic times, Barenbrug Brazil finally could come back with Helping with Hands activities in SOGUBE. This time our volunteers helped renovate various areas of SOGUBE. Over the course of two days we carried out various tasks together with 15 employees. We installed for example PVC hoses to collect water output from 20 air conditioners. Furthermore, we installed new baskets in basketball courts and protection nets around sports courts close to restrooms. Other tasks that we carried out were:

  • Cutting the lawns
  • Painting of trees, guides and entrance benches
  • Shrubbery fence bush pruning at the entrance of SOGUBE
  • Reforming the beach tennis court
  • Reinstalling two new toilets
  • Reforming and installing two concrete lids for floor boxes at the entrance
  • Fixing of doors and the roof


We had two very productive days!