Barenbrug France visits children with visual and intellectual disabilities

Barenbrug France visited children with visual and intellectual disabilities. They played boardgames and decorated pots in which they planted seeds.

The project

Due to the heat wave, the visit to the national sheepfold had to be cancelled. Therefore, the Helping With Hands day was re-organized inside the medical center in the refreshing coolness on July 19, 2022.

Here our team met children with visual and intellectual disabilities. We met Ayoub, Ali, Lina, Joris, Shaïma, Maelisse and Manthita during breakfast.

After breakfast we played board games with them. This was a great opportunity for us to discover the different activities proposed according to their disability. After a lovely picnic, the children left with a pot that they decorated and in which they planted turf seeds with flowers.

It was a great day full of laughter and exchanges. We learned a lot from these children who were funny, full of energy and endearing. We promised them to come back during the next vacation to take them to the national sheepfold: a promise made is a promise kept!