Barenbrug Australia gets to the roots of building a more sustainable future

Barenbrug employees got their hands dirty on a recent Helping with Hands Day. 


The project

A team of 20 based out of Victoria, Australia welcomed spring in this September, by dedicating a day, planting trees on a property that has been devasted by the Black Saturday bushfires of 2009 and once again during the Bunyip Complex Bushfire of 2019.


Rain, wind and cold did not stop the group from doing what they’d set out to do that day. Property owners, Alan and Angela Forte carefully selected the native trees they wanted to re-inhabit the area. These included Scented Paperbark, Prickly Tea Tree, Woolly Tea Tree, Swamp Paperbark, Burgan, Black Sheoke, Prickly Moses, Spreading Wattle and several species of native rushes – a total of 1500 native trees were planted on the day.


Perhaps it was the threat of rain or just the fact that spring was in the air, the team worked diligently, enjoying a bit of banter and camaraderie, and seriously impressing the Landcare team with their commitment and speed. So much so, that Alan and Angela Forte offered to name the creek after Barenbrug! This is surely a first for Barenbrug!


We would love to be back to see the trees grow over the years to come, perhaps enjoying lunch under their shade on the banks of the Barenbrug Creek. Thank you to Pam and Gerard Cunningham for your assistance in coordinating the day. And to Angela and Alan for your hospitality and hosting our muddy group in your home for a warm, hearty lunch. And finally, to the Barenbrug volunteer team for rolling up your sleeves, braving the elements and planting all those trees!