Barenbrug Holding improves outdoor space of the elderly care group RijnWaal in Huissen - The Netherlands

Barenbrug Holding went for their annual Helping with Hands activity. This year they supported the elderly care group RijnWaal, among others in building up a small new greenhouse.

About RijnWaal

RijnWaal - is an elderly care group, which supports elderly people to live their lives as healthy, pleasantly and independently as possible. 


The project

On the 8th of June 2022, the Board of Directors and the Barenbrug Holding staff went for their annual ‘Helping with Hands’ activity. This year they selected the elderly care group RijnWaal in Huissen. Our volunteers helped in building up a small new greenhouse to grow flowers and vegetables. Actually, they not only want to grow their own flowers and vegetables, they also work closely together with the children from the primary school to do so and in that way transfer their knowledge to the new generation. Besides preparing for the new greenhouse, the 13 employees carried out various other tasks:

  • They built an additional shadow location
  • They built a water tap
  • They built a willow twig cubicle to gather compost
  • They prepared for a terrace extension
  • They mowed the grass


It was a fruitful day!