Barenbrug Holland at Bio Holiday Resort in Arnhem

A motivated delegation of nine from the Marketing department of Barenbrug Holland worked hard all day. The project? Creating an insect hotel and matching bench for Bio Holiday Resort in Arnhem. This holiday park allows families with children with disabilities to recreate without limitations throughout the year. A wonderful place to roll up our sleeves!

About Bio Holiday Resort

Bio Holiday Resort in Arnhem is a unique retreat designed specifically for families with children facing severe multiple disabilities or chronic illnesses. Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Arnhem, this holiday resort not only provides a tranquil and green environment but also offers tailored facilities and activities to meet the needs of children with special care requirements. It stands as a special place where families have the opportunity to spend quality time together, relax, and enjoy a carefree vacation experience crafted to accommodate their specific circumstances.

The project

Green workers Koen and Bas were available all day to guide and assist our volunteers. Fortunately, they had already done a lot of groundwork because it turned out to be quite a task to build the 2.5 by 3-meter hotel. Throughout the day, the group assembled a roof, collected pine cones and twigs for the hotel, drilled many holes, and put together the bench. Ultimately, it was quite a job to place the hotel and hoist the heavy roof onto the insect hotel! But after watching with sweaty palms and a lot of nerves, it was successful: by the end of the day, the hotel stood in a beautiful prominent spot in Bio's front garden.

Due to time constraints, the construction was not entirely finished. Filling the remaining compartments is a great task for the participants in the day care program. All in all, it was a beautiful (and cold!) day of hard work and lots of fun, resulting in a beautiful and sustainable end product. The insect hotel will soon be open for guests!