Barenbrug Luxemburg helped the “Cité de l’Espoir”

This is the 50th time that Barenbrug Luxembourg has actively supported the "Cité de l'Espoir" fundraising campaign in Andrimont (BE).

About ‘Cité de l’Espoir'

La Cité de l’Espoir, founded in 1952, evolved from an initiative by Verviers parents who established L’ALIGNEMENT for the Intellectual and Moral Education of Mentally Disabled Individuals. Beginning with 55 children in 1958, the institution faced challenges such as using tramways as classrooms. Presently, La Cité de l’Espoir's residential services support 28 children, young adolescents, and 287 disabled adults, showcasing a sustained commitment to the community and adaptation to evolving needs.

The project

Under the direction of Pfeifer Leo (a retired Barenbrug employee), the donations are collected early in the morning, loaded, and transported to the Cité de l'Espoir in Andrimont. Once there, the countless sacks, bags and cartons containing all kinds of everyday items are gratefully received by the home's management.


We are proud to have been able to support this campaign for so long and are already looking forward to next year.