Barenbrug USA at Hope Station

In the spirit of giving and community support, the Barenbrug USA team recently hosted their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, with all contributions directed towards benefiting Hope Station.

About Hope Station

Hope Station is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting working individuals in need by providing grocery products, clothing, and educational classes.


The Issue
Thousands of working Oregonians cannot meet their living expenses, yet they are ineligible for government assistance because their incomes are above the guidelines.


The Goal
Hope Station provides opportunities for individuals and families to have their basic needs and supplies met. Our assistance helps reduce debts and major critical expenses, such as credit card debt, medical bills, car repairs, etc., reduce financial stress and improve the quality of lives and relationships.

The project

The team at Barenbrug USA hosted their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive and all donations benefited Hope Station. In addition to the gathered items, Bar USA generously donated $150. Hope Station's mission is to help those whose salaries are slightly above the state poverty line. Many organizations assist individual families whose salaries are below the state poverty line. These families draw help from numerous local resources. Sadly, hundreds of hardworking people who earn just slightly above that line don't have the same access to assistance and these are the people who we want to help.


Thank you to our team for their kindness in giving this Holiday Season. 

For more information on Hope Station, visit