Brazil: Barenbrug supports SOGUBE in Helping with Hands project

Barenbrug Brazil has taken up a Helping with Hands project to support SOGUBE in Guaíra, where the company is located. SOGUBE, Sociedade Gauirense de Beneficiência, exists since 1964. Their mission is to attend children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability in guaranteeing their rights.

Improve the facilities

The project is divided in four “action days” and mainly aims to improve the facilities of SOGUBE, which suffer from deferred maintenance.


On February 16, 2018, the first action day took place.


Adjustments were made in drinking water troughs, which were broken. There were also electrical and hydraulic adjustments, especially in bathrooms, such as:

  • Changing luminaires with LED lamps, which reduce energy consumption.
  • Changing of sink faucets by those with automatic closing, to reduce the waste of water.
  • Adjustments and exchanges of actuators of discharge of the toilets.
  • Installation of showers.


Everyone worked happily to dedicate their day to SOGUBE, with great result!

Six Barenbrug volunteers, were present in this first action with SOGUBE: from left to right: Ricardo (Seed Purchasing), Mayone (Operation), Roberson (Logistics), Paulo (Sales), Mauro (Operations) and Tamara (Finance).

First action day


Better welfare of students

On March 20, 2018, the second action day with SOGUBE already took place.



Air conditioning and a partition were installed in the classroom for the better welfare of students.


The installation of protection grids in a 90-meter groove on the floor of the outer area was also the target of their help. Barenbrug Brazil’s maintenance team produced these grids.


About three weeks ago, a teenager broke her leg on this groove, which had no protection. With the new grids, this situation will not happen again.

At this occasion, five colleagues were prompt to the action: from left to right: Jairo (Research), Renato (Production), Alan (Research), Vinícius (Production) and Denis (Production).

Second action day