France: An instructive day for the children of a school in Ostricourt

On March 31, 2017 six employees of Barenbrug France participated in a Helping with Hands project at a school in Ostricourt (North of France). In the morning, they learned and practiced the children about vegetable seeds and grass seeds. 

Learning about vegetables and grass

Two objectives have been set up for this day. The first one was to teach children about the different kinds of seeds and about grass. The second objective was to renovate the turf and the garden at the school.

There were three classes, so we created three work sites. Together with the children we have sown cherry tomatoes, chives and parsley. Furthermore, we have aerated the turf and sown new grass. In addition, we have installed the grass sods. We had to explain them that those sods were in fact natural grass and not artificial :).


A few days ago we received some photos of the growing plants and we are sure the children are very excited to see them growing.

It was a really nice day with lot a of exchange and many smiles and new discoveries. At the end of the day some of the children told us they wanted to become a landscaper... Quite a nice idea!


Obviously it could be interesting to have this type of experience again perhaps next year!

An impression of the day