Barenbrug Holding helping at Fort Pannerden

A lot of maintenance and repair is needed for the fort that has been nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2016

About Fort Pannerden

This fort of the New Dutch Water Line is hidden under the earth, but it is five storeys high. A lot of maintenance and repair is needed. All the work in the fort is carried out by a team of around 75 volunteers, supported by the management foundation. So you can understand that any helping hand is welcome! The Dutch Waterline, which Fort Pannerden is part of, has been nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2016!


Our job for a day

On Tuesday morning, 14 May 2019, we gathered at the fort. The weather was sunny but fresh. Perfect for a DIY day! After the volunteers of Fort Pannerden recovered from the shock that our group not only consisted of men, but that also three women were present, we were given an explanation. Theo, an experienced carpenter, told us how to assemble the storage shed. In this shed the Fort is going to store its stock of Old Dutch Games. The Fort also has an educational function and from this perspective they use these games when they welcome groups of children.

A ‘saw team’ was designated and a, well, measurement and drilling team? Planks and beams had to be sawn with the electric saw and wooden frames had to be assembled. 


When you work hard time flies! Before we knew it it was time for lunch. After lunch we were given a tour of the Fort, where we could see for ourselves where around 300 soldiers were stationed during the First World War. We have even seen the replica of the cannon in operation. Fortunately Robert was willing to help with the placement of the 21-kg bullet!


Then quickly move on with the "finishing touch" for the storage shed! Unfortunately, not all materials were supplied to finish it completely according to the drawings of carpenter Theo, but in the end we achieved a nice result!


Should you ever have the opportunity to visit Fort Pannerden (which is not far from our head office): when you enter the fort over the bridge, take a look underneath. There is the Barenbrug shed!