Barenbrug Argentina started with their first BAR HOGAR project

A project in which employees are encouraged to help improving the housing conditions of co-workers in need.

Employee Miguel Ceballos ́s home

As part of Barenbrug ́s “Helping with Hands” initiative, Barenbrug Argentina initiated BAR HOGAR. This is a project in which employees are encouraged to contribute as a volunteer, helping to improve the housing conditions of those co-workers who are really in need. We started working on this initiative in October 2018, when we communicated the plan to all our local employees. They were invited to apply as potential beneficiaries of the program, in order to receive assistance from the “Helping with Hands” Foundation (coverage of the materials needed for the work) and from its peers (time and labor). During December 2018, members of the BAR HOGAR board visited the houses of the people who applied and selected the 3 more urgent cases to start working with.


Now, we are very happy and proud to announce that we started to work on the first case: employee Miguel Ceballos ́s home!