Helping with hands - Veenendaal

Staff members of Barenbrug Holland helped out at Scouting Group De Zwervers in Veenendaal. This group is an active youth association for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 21; an association completely run by volunteers.

Scouting Group De Zwervers in Veenendaal

The purpose of the day was to construct a solid, paved driveway in front of their clubhouse, where the children could play and have fun at for a long time. A very nice job done, helped out by Barenbrug’s clients Pokon Naturado from Veenendaal. Besides that, there was also assistance from the community from Veenendaal and of course the people of the association. Real cooperation!


It was not only a fun job, but also very valuable. As can be seen on the before and after pictures. What a difference!

How it was

Many helping hands

A lot happened, before the driveway was neatly constructed.


When we arrived at the clubhouse, the ground was already leveled and we could immediately start the work. With many helping hands, we could already do a lot in the early stadium. The team was split up to perform the various tasks and everyone found his place and task in the team quickly.


A number of volunteers helped with the supply of the stones, others would lay them by sitting on their knees or would construct the sides of the driveway. The association provided coffee and a delicious lunch and the dog just watched. A real team performance!

The lawn is sown with RPR

The result

The complete team

We can be proud of the result! From a muddy street with skewed stones, to a tight driveway where the club will have years of fun. Thank you all for the effort!