Heritage Seeds’ staff rebuilds cricket ground in Walhalla

In September Heritage Seeds’ staff lent a helping hand to the township of Walhalla in Victoria, Australia, where bushfires destroyed many properties, in March 2019 . 

Bush fires

The historic goldmining township of Walhalla in Gippsland Victoria, was surrounded by bushfires in March 2019.  Whilst the fires were extinguished before they took the town, several properties on the outskirts of the town were destroyed and the historic Cricket Ground, established in 1882, was burnt out. Sporting groups are the hub of small communities, and the loss of this ground was devastating for the Walhalla Community.


The project

In September staff from the Dandenong South office travelled to Walhalla to do the work over two days. The group cleared the site, scarified the ground and sowed new seed. They also cleared the area, placed a new sign/information post at the entrance to the cricket ground, built some benches for seating and cleaned the track to the entrance of the ground.

A great sense of achievement was experienced by everybody who participated. Walking past all the burnt-out trees on the way to the ground, brought home the reality of the bushfire.