Install new pipelines at Bio Vakantieoord

On Monday, April 24th 2017 at 9am, about 9 Barenbrug Holland colleagues gathered at Bio Vakantieoord. At this holiday park, families with a (complex) disabled child are able to celebrate their holidays.

Bio Vakantieoord

We were welcomed with coffee by two nice ladies and we started with an impressive introduction video in which we could see how these families enjoy their holiday. Everyone was quiet, some of us had to peel a tear away. For most people, holiday is a time of rest and having some time for yourself. But what is vacation really like for parents who have to keep an eye on their disabled child day and night? It was a nice experience for us to contribute to refurbishing this resort.


At 9:45 am the different tasks were divided, the sleeves were rolled up, the gloves were put on and we started digging, full of enthusiasm. The goal was to dig up more than 40 meters of pipes (40cm deep) and install a new water pipe (80 cm deep) at that same spot. Available materials: Shovels, spades and one wheelbarrow! Some colleagues still hoped for a digging machine, but it really was "Helping with Hands".


The existing pipelines were constructed 2 years ago by 8 motivated guests from the rehabilitation centre. There was no ground plan or person who knew exactly where these pipes were installed, but fortunately there were a few good dogs on the team. We had great weather and at 12.30pm the pipes were excavated. Exactly on schedule, because at 12:30pm there was a great lunch ready for us. Perfectly arranged by Bio Vakantieoord!


With a full belly and enough energy, it was time for the last few pipelines. The professionals from Bio had already built the new waterpipe. Hanging on our shovel, we were still enjoying our 'trench' before we could close it again.


At 4pm the job was done and it was time for a well-deserved drink with a tasty snack. Bio Vakantieoord was very grateful and we can look back on a successful day!