Barenbrug Luxembourg participated for 2nd time in Velo Wentger

On 28-29 July 2017 team “Barenbrug Rapid Helping with Hands” participated at the 24 hours cycling race “Velo Wentger” in Luxembourg. This is a cycling event in which you cycle for charity. 

A wonderful result

The difficulty of the “Velo Wentger” is that it is a race over 24 hours and you have to have a participant on the track all the time, day and night! The track is 3.6 km. The Barenbrug team consisted of 12 cyclists (11 gentlemen and 1 lady) and they managed to cycle 226 rounds. A great effort!


As a result of this a total amount of € 1.175 could be transferred to Association Luxembourg Alzheimer.


A good day for charity and a fun day for the team. They intend to participate again in 2018.