Poland: New pasture for hippotherapy foundation

In early April, the team of Barenbrug Poland visited the headquarters of the Stworzenia Pana Smolenia (Mr. Smoleń’s Animals) foundation, which offers child and adult rehabilitation through hippotherapy. Our close and enthusiastic team decided to help the stud farm renovate the pasture and renew the lawns.

Hippotherapy at the Bogdan Smoleń horse stud

The foundation was started by Bohdan Smoleń, a comedian. Beautifully located in Baranówko in Wielkopolskie province, the foundation has been helping children and adults diagnosed with many degrees of disability for 10 years. Hippotherapy is a psychokinetic rehabilitation method which brings spectacular effects. Those assisted by the foundation, under the supervision of qualified volunteers conducting activities, have a chance to come into close contact with incredibly patient and friendly horses. Contact with these animals is beneficial for the muscular system and mental health of all those using this form of rehabilitation.


A new pasture for horses

Volunteers and foundation employees have their hands full every day and that is why we decided to help them. We joined forces to renew the pasture and paddocks, which had long awaited revitalisation. Our accomplished Barenbrug Polska team faced the extraordinary challenge of sowing grass seed by hand over an area of nearly 1.5 ha. Luckily, both weather and spirits were bright and together we managed to sow the total area. After sowing, stud workers levelled the whole surface to leave the new grass seeds waiting for the rain expected to fall.


Revitalising the lawn

Apart from pastures and paddocks, the area of the horse stud abounds with greenery and grass-covered areas. There was plenty for us to do, too!  The rather unkempt lawns were raked. After a whole day of pre-treatment work, the area was filled with new seeds and enriched with a necessary dose of regenerating fertilisers.

A successful project

Our visit to the Stworzenia Pana Smolenia foundation will remain in our memory for a long time. Working together created an opportunity to support an exceptional enterprise allowing hundreds of children and adults to overcome the barriers of their disability. We believe that the effort we made in renewing the pastures and green areas around the stud pleases both the animals waiting for the fresh grass and visitors to the Baranówko stud  assisted by the foundation.