South Africa - Building a playground at Attie van Wyk Primary school

Attie van Wyk Primary school is a rural farm school situated on the Diemersdal wine farm outside Durbanville. They aim to develop the children holistically and create a safe environment for them.

A fun and safe playground for the children

Before the project, the kids of the Attie van Wyk school had to play on hard gravel and old playing equipment. Old wood and tire swings, not exactly safe. With a safe environment comes a safe playground. The Barenbrug team, together with people from the Attie van Wyk school, put their hands together and rolled up their sleeves to get to work.

  • A fence was made of about 30m to make a safe play area. 
  • The old jungle gym (wooden structure) was falling apart. It was fixed and re-treated. 
  • A new jungle gym was made to accommodate more kids (before, there was only one broken structure for 300 kids).
  • We brought in a few truckloads of sand to use on the ground, instead of hard gravel. Now the kids have soft sand to play on.
  • Barenbrug fescue and ryegrass was planted in all the open areas within the dedicated playground. After a rainstorm the newly planted area was badly damaged and we had to re-plant the whole area, but luckily with beautiful results. 
  • The old “tire swings” were replaced with safer ropes to swing on.


By working together hard, we made a beautiful and safe playground for the children of the Attie van Wyk school. After the project finished, you could see smiling faces and running children all around. The team made the children a playground they deserved. All the children of the school can now play there safely and have fun in between learning so many new things. 

Watch a video presentation of the project for the Attie van Wyk primary school