Barenbrug South Africa starts tree planting project

This year Barenbrug South Africa decided to take a different approach for their Helping with Hands project. They started a tree planting project, doing good for society and at the same time supporting a sustainable approach of the environment.

The project

Each staff member planted about 5 indigenous trees at a place of their choice. Some went in groups and made a whole day out of it. Some trees were planted at two of the underprivileged schools where Barenbrug South Africa was previously involved in: Siyabulela Pre-school and Attie van Wyk primary school. Moreover, trees were planted at two animal shelters, one in Cape Town and one in KwaZulu-Natal.


Plans for the future

The project will continue in 2020 at our new head office in Cape Town, where all staff will have the opportunity to leave a bit of a legacy behind.