The Netherlands: A day at the ‘Dolfinarium’

On 14th September 2017 four employees of Barenbrug Holland went to “Dolfinarium” with a group of residents of “Careander De Boshoek” in Ede. Dolfinarium is the biggest sea mammal park in Europe.

Meeting the group

After we were introduced to each another, we stepped into the bus for the trip to “Dolfinarium” in Harderwijk. It was a mixed group of elderly people and people that were physically and/or mentally disabled.


We started with a group picture. Not everybody wanted to be on the picture, so the group was somewhat bigger than the picture shows. After that we walked in smaller groups through “Dolfinarium”.


At 12.00 hours we all gathered for the spectacular dolphin show. After the show we had a very good lunch and, also important, some good laughs. Unfortunately, it started to rain after lunch, and not just a little bit …. We visited a sea lion show and then quickly went into our warm and dry coach.


It was a successful and fund day with nice and friendly people!