Helping with Hands projects

On this page, you can read all about current and past Helping with Hands projects all around the world.

The Netherlands: Colleagues help a day at ‘Domus+ Batelaar’ in Lunteren

Barenbrug Holland received the request to help with a group of volunteers to place a wild hedgerow around the protected domicile Domus+ Batelaar. With six colleagues we have addressed this job in order to contribute to the work of this protected residence for homeless people that are slightly mentally disabled. This shelter is managed by ‘Leger des Heils Gelderland’.


On March 29, 2017 at 08:00 we arrived at the destination in Lunteren; Rene Verhoeven, Ben Seubring, Olaf Bos, Mark Jan Vink, Christiaan Heijink and Martin Dekker. Armed with spades and gloves we worked with the residents and neighbours on the 400 meters wild hedgerow. We planted more than 3000 yearlings around the plot of Domus+ Batelaar (see video). This hedge helps residents of Domus+ in their orientation at the area of the protected residence.


Thanks to good preparation the job was done in one day! The delicious and plentiful lunch was provided by the residents and was up to the last detail. Moreover, the project was made possible with sponsorship of plant material and fencing by Barenbrug and the preparatory work, including paving and placement of fencing, by a specialized company.


Looking back it was a very successful project for everyone involved. Especially with the helping hands of the residents, neighbours and our team of Barenbrug Holland BV.