“Bio Vakantieoord”

On June 14th, 2017 we went to the holiday park for families with a complex disabled child called “Bio Vakantieoord”, to help out with a few chores that needed a helping hand.

Helping with Hands

We were welcomed with coffee and cake, during which we received some explanation about the foundation Bio Vakantieoord. For most of the colleagues this was confronting, because it made us realize how very fortunate it is to have healthy children.


Our job was to repair a path in the forest and a picknick area. First we had to wait some time for the  gravel to be delivered, but when it arrived we could start closing the holes in the forest path and the picknick area. After we finished these jobs, we were treated a good lunch with delicious sandwiches and drinks.  


In the afternoon we had another job to do. We had to construct a paved path on which a horse carriage could drive carrying wheelchairs. Luckily we had some help of an excavator with this job.


In between the digging and paving, we paused to have a drink, as it was very warm that day. After Michael used the plate compactor on the whole path, our job was done!


It was a very successful day!