The Netherlands: Radiant “elderly” people visit Palace ’t Loo with Barenbrug!

In May 2017, a group of employees of Barenbrug Holland assisted “elderly” people in visiting Palace ‘t Loo together with the volunteer foundation De Zonnebloem. 

A day to remember

What a great experience to assist “elderly” people in visiting Palace ‘t Loo on behalf of Barenbrug together with the volunteer foundation De Zonnebloem. This foundation does its utmost to help “elderly” people and/or people with a physical handicap to have an unforgettable time. The term "elderly” between quotes as these people showed us an unbelievable energy and enthusiasm because of which we started wondering who is helping who today.


At 9:00 we were ready and set to go in our yellow “Helping with Hands” shirts. Each of us was linked to a volunteer of the foundation and two guests. Hans Appeldoorn was the first one to race to the bus with his Jenny Donkervoort, but then again he was the one with the youngest participant that day.


After everyone had found his/her place in the bus, the bus ride provided the ideal opportunity to get to know each other better. Very special to hear all the individual life stories of people born between 1920 and 1940. Touching to learn that for some of the participants, it was the first time since years to be on a tourist day as they are stuck to their home because of their handicap. After arriving at the Palace, it was time for a group picture and of course…. coffee and apple pie to make sure everyone was in good shape to visit the palace and its beautiful gardens. The palace has been turned into a museum for people to see where and how the royal Dutch family has lived since 1684. 


The pictures attached below give a beautiful impression of the day and the relationships that have been built between the participants and the Barenbrug crew. Each of us agreed it was a terrific day during which we felt we really had the opportunity to be able to contribute to a day of happiness.