The Netherlands - Trip to Biesbosch and Werkendam with Zonnebloem Oosterhout

The “Zonnebloem” (sunflower) in Oosterhout is a foundation that organizes daytrips for people with a physical disability. They celebrated their 25th anniversary in June this year. To celebrate this, a jubilee day was organized which has been made possible through the Helping with Hands Foundation.

From Oosterhout to Biesbosch

On Monday 5th November we left with about 50 people by touring car from Oosterhout to the Biesbosch (natural park). The touring car was full of volunteers (colleagues), volunteers of the “Zonnebloem” Foundation and (elderly) people with a physical disability. In the loading space of the bus dozens of wheelchairs and some rollators were parked to give everyone the most comfortable day possible. A number of people had to be helped into the bus, but with some help of volunteers this went pretty well.


Our first stop was Sono Koek in Werkendam. Wheelchairs and rollators were removed from the bus and everyone was helped by the volunteers to go to the Biesbosch Barn (restaurant) where coffee with delicious apple pie was ready to be served.

A lovely sunny November day

It was a lovely sunny November day, but unfortunately it was too cold to drive with the group in the train through the Biesbosch. That's why it was decided to make a tour through the beautiful area by bus. The guide extensively informed us about the Biesbosch that in the past five years has been changed into an area that now has an important function to reduce the danger of the ever increasing water levels from both the rivers and the North Sea.

After this beautiful ride a delicious lunch was prepared in the Biesbosch Barn.
Everyone was helped in his or her wheelchair or taken in the arm to walk to the restaurant. This was already a lot easier than at the beginning of the day. We were getting more and more experienced.
After lunch the group went by bus to the museum in Werkendam. The Biesbosch Museum mainly shows how people lived from 1421 to the present and earned their living in the area. A film was presented where we received a lot of information. A number of people was mainly interested in the Biesbosch during the Second World War. This resulted in beautiful personal stories from participants who had experienced the war.

An unforgettable day

After the museum visit, the bus left for restaurant "Het Witte Huis" in Zeeland. Everyone was treated to a delicious dinner at the end of this special day.

It was a very nice day for everyone. The participants had a carefree day and enjoyed the natural beauty of the Biesbosch and the catering during the day. The volunteers have enjoyed giving these people an unforgettable day. It was very special to be able to be part of this day thanks to our Helping with Hands Foundation!


Tamara Hagen