Barenbrug USA Research helps Linn County Animal Rescue

In April and May the Research Team of Barenbrug USA helped the Linn County Animal Rescue in Waterloo, Oregon by building kennels.

About Linn County Animal Rescue

Linn County Animal Rescue (LCAR) is an animal shelter which provides a better home for neglected dogs in need of hospice care. What makes it even more special, is that the rescued animals help with the treatment of individuals who are suffering from a developmental or mental health disorder. This treatment, the "Healing Hearts" therapy program, provides these individuals with a positive life changing experience. 


The project

With a funding of the Barenbrug Helping with Hands Foundation, new kennels and roofing were bought. Divided over three days the Barenbrug USA Research Team helped to prep the ground and assemble the kennels and roofing. Now more dogs who are on hospice care can be provided a loving home and used for therapy.

The project is not quite finished. LCAR will finish up roofing and supports, fill remaining kennels, fill the play area and add gutters.