Watching a baseball game with Veterans from the Lebanon VA

Barenbrug USA was able to show their appreciation to our retired military personnel and enjoy an evening with the Veterans from the Lebanon VA in a family like setting, watching a great game of baseball.

The project

The “Military Appreciation Night” was dedicated to our military personnel, past and present, the families and caretakers who support them.

It involved approximately 15 Veterans and 5 Caretakers from the Edward C. Allworth Veterans Home, located in Lebanon. Together the Veterans, Caretakers, and Barenbrug Team, in a family like setting, ate dinner together and enjoyed a fun filled game watching the Corvallis Knights play again the Portland Pickles.

During this memorable night, Bar USA had collaborated with the VA home, and nominated an honorable Veteran, Specialist Rick Theis, to serve the First Pitch of the baseball game. Rick has been a Veteran resident at the Oregon Veterans Home for over 4 years and enjoys the Staff, fellow Veterans, and the Volunteers.

About VA Home

The Edward C. Allworth Veterans Home, located in Lebanon, is the second Veterans Home in Oregon. Organized around the idea of an intentional community or neighborhood, this new Veterans home offers residents a way to maximize normal living environments and routines, providing autonomy, a sense of community, and quality of life.

As a Recreation Therapy Department, the staff at the VA Home go great length to consider and provide for the Veteran resident’s physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, cultural, social needs, and interests. They provide individualized one-to-one interactions designed to meet each resident’s individual needs and enhance or maintain their strengths.

All of this is made possible by the wonderful staff and volunteers who come in daily to give their love and time to the well-deserved Veterans.